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This subtlety lit relaxation centre welcomes guests with the soothing sounds of sensual music, or birdsong, and provides a welcome respite from the outside world, in a choice of: 

Menthol, herb, steam, salt and floral inhalation rooms

A caldarium and tepidarium, with heated stone benches, relaxing music and comfortable surroundings

Alternatively hot and cold watery walkways, to invigorate through the feet
Warm relaxation benches

A jacuzzi hot-tub
 with plenty of room to relax or chat

Massage showers
 with pulsing jets, both Arctic and tropical

 with gentle warming lamps

A snow cave 
with real snow, year round, and if that’s not cold enough, plunge in the icy cold pool 

Dry heat Finnish sauna

K-Vital Beauty Centre – visit our top health and beauty centre.

K-Vital beauty centre is available for you with a wide range of dermocosmetics and relaxation services. The center is equipped with modern and high-quality medical technologies. Before you decide on treatment, you can take advantage of free consultation and facemaping. Based on the diagnosis of skin and your requirements, you can enjoy relaxing or professional treatment – facial rejuvenation, lifting, whitening pigmentation, acne treatment, soothing for sensitive and demanding skin. Liposuction, cellulite and stretch marks treatment, body wraps – that is just a part of what you can use during your stay to beautify your body and to have a perfect relax.

For health lovers, there is a possibility of diagnostic of organism and also preparation of reducing recovery program. Are you concerned about your kilos and cm and are you unable to lose your weight? We will help you to solve it without starvation and diets! After a blood test you can forever change your life for better. Under the medical supervision we get your body into metabolic balance and you get rid of worries… Individual approach and hundreds of satisfied clients … this is also your opportunity to be fit!

A popular therapy in K-Vital is the Collagen Light Treatment – device uses red light which produces all forms of collagen – do you want to rejuvenate, have smooth and healthy skin? Do you want to alleviate and remove muscle pain, back pain, joint or bone?


The effects of Cryotherapy:

A significant contribution to overcoming chronic and “spring” fatigue
significantly improve your mood, relieves stress and helps relieve depression and mood swings due to weather changes release stress, release muscle tension and detoxificationRelieves insomnia An overall regeneration and improvement of the immune system. A stay in the chamber demonstrably improves the skin, rejuvenates and refreshes has an anti-cellulite effect and in conjunction with the following exercise helps obesity and weight loss helps with the menopause and migraine 
works with a wide range of diseases, traumatic conditions and pain

Massage centre

Massages improve blood circulation and invigorate skin and muscles.

Classical massage - the oldest massage treatment to improve blood circulation and invigorate skin and muscles to release harmful toxins from the body.

Reflexology massage - uses gentle pressure and massage of the body’s pressure points to re-align and balance, clear congested energy channels and expel undesirable substances.

Relaxing massage – a soothing massage with relaxing oils, accompanied by soft music to relax mind and body

Mobilisation – A massage to stimulate lymphatic ducts and lymph movement, cleaning the body and helping to expel toxins. Effects are enhanced for those who also participate in Cryotherapy.

Honey massage - a unique detoxification and revitalization massage that promotes health and encourages a softening of the skin.

Hot Stones – heated lava stones are placed on strategic points on the body, after which the stones are used to gently massage using special techniques.

Anticelulite massage - includes special massage techniques with elements of lymph drainage to eliminate cellulite for seating, the thigh muscles and legs.

Chocolate massage - a special type of massage that optimises the beneficial effects of chocolate. Cocoa reduces blood pressure and stroke risk and has an excellent rejuvenating effect.

Turf wrap – Specially gathered peat stimulates and cleanses the skin cells, to provide antibacterial benefits and enhance immunity. This massage improves circulation and alleviates muscle and joint pain.

Flasks – These special vacuum `cups‘ stimulate the supply of blood to the body’s tissues to aid relaxation of stiff muscles and reduce pain.

Bioptron-on therapy uses light to stimulate positive biological processes in the body.

Detox – a device that uses the healing ability of water. Pollutants are eliminated from the body through the 2,000 pores on foot sole.

Thai massage centre

This is a wonderful and traditional treatment which dates back over 2,500 years

CLASSIC THAI MASSAGE (Nuad thai) This is a wonderful and traditional treatment which dates back over 2,500 years, utilizing the knowledge and concept of `Sen’ energy flows in the body. By applying pressure on crucial acupressure points using their thumbs, palms, forearms, feet, and knees, our masseuses stimulate blood and lymph flow in the body to rid you of the feeling of fatigue and eliminate muscle spasms and nervous tension. This relaxing and therapeutic massage also involves flexing and passive stretching of individual parts of the body utilizing elements of yoga.
HOT HERBAL MASSAGE (Rít tee) Our special hot herbal massage is excellent for treating stiff, painful and strained muscles; back pains, rheumatism, chronic pains or injuries, disorders of internal organs, skin diseases, migraines, chronic stress and neuroses. During the treatment a sachet of hot, steamed Thai herbs is gently massaged into the skin. The heat of the compress encourages the pores to open and allows the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects of the herbs to spread deep into the muscle tissue, while having a stimulating, relaxing and invigorating effect on the body and the mind, to increase natural energy levels.

REFLEXOLOGY FOOT MASSAGE (Sook dee) Over seven thousand nerve endings are located in the feet, each one corresponding to a specific part of the body. By massaging and stimulating reflex points on the feet individual corresponding parts of the body are affected, improving metabolism and blood flow, harmonizing, detoxifying and rejuvenating.

AROMATIC OIL THAI MASSAGE (Fan dee)Using a combination of touch and smell during this wonderfully stimulating and relaxing treatment your masseuse will select a carefully chosen blend of tropical scents and use a thousand year old culture to devise the best possible aromatic massage. Herbs and oils are brought from Thailand and the Thai healing culture is used to envelop the body in an aromatic mist, while the oil massage stimulates the blood flow.



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